LaCrista Deluxe

Size 31 m² / 333 sq feet

Tastefully designed and luxuriously fitted, the Deluxe series comes in twin-bedded configuration. Experience the cozy space and refresh yourself after a long day of exploring the heritage city

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LaCrista Premier

Size 31 m² / 333 sq feet

With modern inviting design, the Premier series is elegantly furnished for privacy and comfort. It is more spacious and ideal for one to immerse oneself in peace and serenity-only here at the LaCrista Hotel Melaka Premier’s series

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LaCrista Executive Studio

Size 49 m² / 528 sq feet

Fittted with modern decor and design ideas, the Executive Studio series provides the comfort and the best hospitality ambience one may experience. The spaciousness is simply astounding with affordable luxury.

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LaCrista Junior Suite

Size 52 m² / 560 sq feet

The Junior Suite Series is one of the largest suite with luxurious comtemporary decor and modern fittings. With seperate living area, it is designed for both family and professionals alike. The curvaceous designs adds to the luxury touches and makes a world of difference.

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LaCrista Executive Suite

Size 55 m² / 592 sq feet

Our Executive Suite is luxuriously fitted and designed to provide the soothing yet peaceful feeling of modern living. Experience the best of hospitality extravagance, pamper yourself with cozy comfort with our best personalised service at all times

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